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贵公司为我派遣的每位译员都非常棒,他们才华横溢的,勤奋而聪明,社交技能娴熟,穿着得体,他们对我的中国之行非常有帮助。 我非常欣赏他们的翻译工作,对贵翻译公司选择译员的判断力也非常赞赏。我会向其他客户推荐他们。
Dear Wuwen,
I am back from my trip and caught up on the work that piled up.  I hope that all is well with you.
Thank you for the excellent work that you did in preparing the materials for my China trip.  I also appreciate the work you did coordinating the translators during my trip.
On the third day of my trip my computer was struck by a virus / spyware and email communication was very difficult / impossible.  Also my cell phone did not get service in China.  I apologize for any inconvenience that these difficulties caused you.
Each of the translators who you recommended were excellent.  I can strongly support your being able to recommend each of them to other clients.  They were indivually talented, smart, socially skilled, professional, well dressed and very helpful.  I was extremely please with each of their performances and your judgment in selecting them is to be complimented.
I look forward to continuing our relationship going forward.  I also hope to enjoy your offer to have a beer one day.  You invitation was passed on to me.  However, I was flying from Beijing the next morning.  The next time I am in China, I look forward to getting together.
Thanks again for everything.
Best wishes.
-- Eric
Dear Guo,
The quality of the biographies and cards was excellent!  I am extremely pleased with your work product.  Thank you for your hard work.
Regarding the schedule below, it appears correct.
I do have a question.  I understand that shipping was 300 USD for the papers.  That is fine.
Is the total of 1850 USD below correct for all work requested.
I am not looking to pay more than necessary, but my calculations seem higher.  The translations seem to add to 2050 USD.
The shipping of 300 USD.
The total appears to be 2350 USD. 
If I qualify for a discount, or have misunderstood things and the price is correctly 1850 USD, please let me know.
Best wishes.
-- Eric