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Aurora Borealis From Town & Remote Cabin - Northern Tales
2 nights of accommodation in Whitehorse in 3 star hotel (1st and 4th night)
2 nights of cabin accommodation (2nd and 3rd night)
Half Day Snowmobiling tour
Half Day Snow Shoeing & Ice Fishing Tour
Meals included: Day 2 – lunch and dinner; Day 3 – breakfast, lunch, dinner; Day 4 – breakfast and lunch
2 nights of Aurora Viewing at cabin resort
Snow mobiles and safety gear (2 person per snow mobile)
Aurora Borealis itinerary for basic tour package combined with 2 nights fully guided in a remote and cozy cabin in Whitehorse, Yukon. This guided Aurora Borealis and Snowmobile Adventure Tour is 5 days and 4 nights. Stay at the cabin is exclusive, private and optional tours are customized! You will see some of the beautiful, remote back-country of the southwest Yukon by snowmobile. You will experience the lifestyle of northern bush living, based out of warm and comfortable log cabins located on the shores of a mountain lake.
We’ll welcome you at the airport and transfer you to your Hotel in downtown Whitehorse. The hotel is located within walking distance of all attractions, restaurants, banks and stores. We will have an informational meeting and registration for optional tours at the hotel. Take your time for fitting the winter clothing (optional), shopping and dinner on your own.
At 9:30 pm departure for Aurora viewing. A cozy, heated cabin or wall tent with hot drinks and snacks makes your Aurora viewing even more enjoyable. Return to hotel around 2.00 am.
Your guide will pick you up at your hotel at 9.30am. We will drive for approximately one hour north on the Alaska Highway towards Haines Junction and Kluane National Park. You will be able to see the front range of the St. Elias mountains west of Haines Junction. Your guide will have good historical and cultural knowledge of the area you are travelling through.
We unload the snowmobiles at the trail head. At this point we will give you pointers and hands-on instruction on how to properly and safely ride your snowmobile. If you have already experience, you will be able to drive your own snowmobile (2 person per sled), otherwise your experienced guides will safely drive you (you will have the opportunity to drive a snowmobile with your guide the next day). Our snowmobile adventure starts right then and we travel north into some beautiful pristine mountain country. On the way in, we will be looking at animal tracks and try to identify them. A quick stop for a snack and hot beverage.
After about two hours, we arrive at the base-camp. The camp consists of several log cabins and other outbuildings. You will have the luxury of staying in your own brand new log cabin. Upon arrival, we will get the wood heaters going to warm up the cabins, cut a hole in the ice for water and do a few other chores. We will have lunch at this time. After that, a snowmobile trip around the lake and get you familiarized with the country. We will serve a good hearty dinner and then spend the rest of the evening telling you about the country and stories related to the area we are living in.
Once it gets dark, your guide will show you from where you will be able to see the Aurora best. The incredible large and crystal clear northern sky is now ready to show off one of nature’s most specular phenomenon – the Aurora Borealis.
Your guide was born and raised in the Yukon and has travelled this area for over 30 years. We provide all of the equipment and food necessary for your snowmobile adventure tour. You only have to provide your own gear, outerwear, and personal items.
The next morning, we’ll have a great northern breakfast and then get ready to snowmobile to explore some new country. Our trail to the north of the cabins will be approximately 30 km (return) and will take a good part of the day. We will go as far as “the look-out” – an amazing scenic viewpoint, far above the valley floor – mountainous country all around for many miles. You can also see the valley of the famous Dalton Trail. We will have lunch “on the trail”. If it’s very cold out, we’ll make a campfire to keep warm while we are having lunch.
After we get back to the cabins, time permitting, we will either go on a snowshoe trail or go ice-fishing – your choice. Please note that exact timing of most activities that we may do will be controlled by the weather.
There is a good chance to see and experience the Northern Lights on any clear night.
Morning at your leisure or optional half day tour. We will be back at your hotel in downtown between 4pm and 5pm.
Winter outerwear pants and inner fleece liner, Winter outerwear jacket with inner fleece liner
Winter boots (Sorel Glacier or similar), Insulated mitts, Insulated headgear / cap
冬靴(Sorel Glacier或类似品牌)、保暖手套、保暖头套/保暖帽
Needs to be booked in advance to ensure availability
Average temperatures at the this time of winter are between -2° and – 24° Celsius / 28 to -31 degrees Fahrenheit, but extremes may be as low as -45° Celsius / -50 Fahrenheit. We ask you to bring adequate clothing to withstand these temperatures. You may buy winter clothing in Whitehorse or rent a clothing package from Northern Tales.
This tour has many elements of an expedition and therefore changes in the itinerary due to cold temperature or other events are a possibility. Northern Tales explicitly reserves the right to adapt the tour itinerary.
Please send us an inquiry if you want to learn more about this tour. {0}Inquire{/0}
如需了解这个出游项目的更多详情,请向我们发送查询。 {0}查询{/0}
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英语翻译 德语翻译 法语翻译
俄语翻译 日语翻译 韩语翻译
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瑞典语翻译 越南语翻译 阿拉伯语
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· 安全环保 · 电力能源 · 银行保险
· 法学翻译 · 天文地理 · 钢铁冶金
· 航空航天 · 道路桥梁 · 地质采矿
· 建筑工程 · 金融财会 · 经济管理
· 交通运输 · 仪器仪表 · 医疗器械
· 医药卫生 · 石油化工 · 机械电子
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